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Attractions around Ranthaliya New Rest House

The Elephant Rock & Buddha Statue

The Elephant Rock is synonymous with the city of Kurunegala. The unique value of the Kurunegala town is Elephant Rock (325Mtrs.). It resembles an elephant. Legend has it that during periods of severe drought, the animals threatened the city's water supply, they were magically turned into stone. Situated at the foot of the 325km black rock Ethugala is an excellent view of the city and the Kurunegala Lake, from the Top.

Kurunegala Lake

Kurunegala Ranthaliya rest house is situated at in front of this beautiful Kurungala lake. A large man-made water reservoir constructed by ancient kings. The lake is located in the outskirts of the central business district near to the Kurunegala-Dambulla road. The tank is also used as a water supply source to the city.

Kurunegala clock tower

The Kurunegala clock tower was built in 1922 as a tribute to the officers, who went from the Wayamba province and sacrificed their lives in the First World War. The tower memorial plaque has the following inscribed: "This Clock Tower was erected in memory of those who went from the North Western province at the call of duty and gave their lives for the empire in the World War in 1914–1918" However, soon after 1945, the tower was also dedicated to the valiant officers who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War. Located at the centre of the city, today the Kurunegala clock tower serves as a landmark of the city. The Kurunegala Court of Law, The Central Market and the Central Bus Stand are also situated in the vicinity of the clock tower